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05.06.2010, 20:17
Australia, the fifth continent and also the biggest island, was discovered by English colonists, mostly prisoners, in 1788. The colonists oppressed the Native Australians, the Aborigines very hard. Many were killed by weapons or illnesses, which are not very dangerous for the European, but deathly for the Aborigines.

In 1901 Australia became an independent country, but it is still the member of the British Commonwealth and the British queen is still the head of state. They pay with the Australian dollar and the National animals are the kangaroo and the emu, because these animals only can go forwards.

Australia, the driest and flattest of all continents, consists of five territories: Western Australia, Northern Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The capital of Australia, Canberra, lies, like the biggest Australian town, Sydney in New South Wales on Australians Pacific site. Between Sydney and Germany there is a time different of eight hours, that means, when it is midnight in Germany, it is 8 a.m. in Sydney.

The population is about 16 million people, that’s almost as many as in Holland. These are not many people if you imagine that in the U.S., which is nearly as big as Australia, live about million people. You can see: Australia is the emptiest continent, also if you imagine that 80% of the population live in only 5% of the country.

The most famous product of Australia is the wool produced in the countless sheep farms in the out back, but in Australia there are many mines mining coal and metal ore.

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