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05.06.2010, 19:50
The worldwide presence of Greenpeace is huge. They have national and regional offices in over 40 countries. But above all Greenpeace has its funding from over 2,8 million private financial supporters and charitable foundations., because it has to be independent from the government, which it often "accuses". At the moment, the focus of Greenpeace turns to tackling human-induced climate change, preserving the oceans and supporting peace concerning Nuclear Disarment. The climate change has been a priority issue of Greenpeace for quite a long time. The supporters of Greenpeace try to promote to people what crisis could happen and how everybody can struggle against it (For example protest in order to shame government). Moreover, climate change has the potential to wipe out most of the gains, which the environment has made and the disruption of ecosystems will harm everything, accordingly, people will get devastation/problems too – especially the poorest ones. The activists try to make climate change solutions a reality. However the government doesn´t really support them. Besides Greenpeace thinks that a energy revolution would help first while by going from a world powered by nuclear and fossil fuels to one running on renewable energy. Another important issue of Greenpeace is to defend our oceans, because without the global ocean there would be no life on Earth and oceans drive the natural forces, which maintain life on our planet. Almost 80 % of all the life on Earth is found in the oceans and they create over half of our oxygen. More than 40% of the oceans need to be marine reserves in order to preserve this important ecosystem. In addition industrial fishing and unsustainable aquacuktur has to be reduced. But above all the pollution of the oceans, for example caused by oil tanker accidents, has to be stopped. 

There are approximately 30 000 nuclear weapons in 9 countries (US, Russia, UK, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea) on our planet, which thee countries could use at any second. Greenpeace has protested against nuclear weapons and -power since its foundation. The members of Greenpeace trackled plutonium and nuclear waste shipments around the globe and they organised a lot of protest against it. Furthermore they think nuclear disarment will happen if the public opinion against nuclear power/weapons get louder and louder.

Nevertheless Greenpeace gets a lot of criticism, for example being too radical or producing eco terrorism, which have been made by governments, industrial and political lobbyists and other environmental groups.

But in conclusion Greenpeace is characterised as a group, which activists put their safety and freedom on the line for even the smallest chance to change the world and to develop new codes of social, enviromental and political behaviour. They want to realise human needs of current and future generations without causing harm to the environment.

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