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Business Letter Vocabulary
04.08.2010, 23:36
attachmentextra document or image that is added to an email
block formatmost common business letter format, single spaced, all paragraphs begin at the left margin
bodythe content of the letter; between the salutation and signature
bulletssmall dark dots used to set off items in an unnumbered list
certified mailimportant letters that sender pays extra postage for in order to receive a notice of receipt
coherentlogical; easy to understand
concisegets to the point quickly
confidential, personalprivate
diplomacy, diplomaticdemonstrating consideration and kindness
direct mail, junk mailmarketing letters addressed to a large audience
double spaceformat where one blank line is left between lines of text
enclosureextra document or image included with a letter
formaluses set formatting and business language, opposite of casual
formatthe set up or organization of a document
headinga word or phrase that indicates what the text below will be about
indentextra spaces (usually 5) at the beginning of a paragraph
inside addressrecipient's mailing information
justified marginsstraight and even text, always begins at the same place
letterheadspecialized paper with a (company) logo or name printed at the top
logosymbol or image that identifies a specific organization
margina blank space that borders the edge of the text
memorandum (memo)document sent within a company (internal), presented in short form
modified block formatleft justified as block format, but date and closing are centered
on arrival notationnotice to recipient that appears on an envelope (e.g. "confidential")
postagethe cost of sending a letter through the Post Office
proofreadread through a finished document to check for mistakes
punctuationmarks used within or after sentences and phrases (e.g. periods, commas)
reader-friendlyeasy to read
recipientthe person who receives the letter
right raggedformat in which text on the right side of the document ends at slightly different points (not justified)
salutationgreeting in a letter (e.g. "Dear Mr Jones")
sensitive informationcontent in a letter that may cause the receiver to feel upset
semi-block formatparagraphs are indented, not left-justified
sincerelyterm used before a name when formally closing a letter
single spacedformat where no blanks lines are left in-between lines of text
spacingblank area between words or lines of text
tonethe feeling of the language (e.g. serious, enthusiastic)
transitionswords or phrases used to make a letter flow naturally (e.g. "furthermore", "on the other hand")
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