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Giving and receiving presents in English
12.06.2010, 17:01
Giving and receiving

What can you say to give and receive presents in English? English families generally open presents together and these are some common phrases.

When you are
giving a present to someone you know well, you can say…

- This is for you.
- I thought you might like this for Christmas…
- It's only something small, but I hope you like it.
- I thought this might go well with your (new dress / Prada bag..)

- Thank you so much! It's lovely / fantastic / wonderful.
- It's something I've always wanted!
- Wow! What a thoughtful present!

If you don't like something
- Thank you so much!
- How kind of you!
- It's lovely, thank you!

What to write on present tags

To (name) with love from (name)
Wishing you a happy birthday, love (name)
With our love to you, (names of givers)
On a present to a non-family member
With best wishes for a happy Christmas, (name)

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