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12.06.2010, 15:38
There are four seasons in a year. Winter is the coldest part of the year. It is time when ground and tress covered with a snow. The rivers and lakes breezed. People try to get on more warm close. It's early get dark and sunrise is late. Sun is shine but not warm. But there is and leisure side of this season people is skiing, skating, play hockey and other winter games. After long cold winter come long-awaited spring. This is time of year when the trees cowered with a buds, ground with a green grass and beautiful flowers. Girls began takes off their winters close and show their beautiful bodies. Then goes the most likely part of year for all people. It's a summer. People go on vacations, to the country. Summer is the best part of the year for the students and scholars. After summer goes autumn. The weather is bad there are rainy and dry evenings. Dirty roads. Students and pupil begin learning. But one time, one famous man said: "The nature doesn't have bad weather".
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